The academic societies of Science focuses on activities and events, usually targeted at their respective majors, with academic-related initiatives and more. Take a look below, at our academic societies! 

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NUS Food Science Technology 
The NUS Food Science Technology (FST) Society aim to bring food, friends, and fun to the students, staff and alumni of the Food Science & Technology Programme under the Department of Chemistry in the National University of Singapore, the Food Science & Technology Society organises and hosts a series of welfare-related events to boost the morale of our members, bond Food Science staff and students across all levels and ages, and to promote the programme and interest in Food Science to the university and general public.
The society is currently under the service of its 10th Executive Committee. More information on the events organised by our society, contact details, and past activities are available on our facebook page.

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00. NUS Pharmaceutical Society

NUS Pharmaceutical Society 
NUS Pharmaceutical Society (NUSPS) serves to enrich and supplement student life in NUS Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science. NUSPS plays a vital role to be the bridge between the Department of Pharmacy and the student body

The goal for NUSPS is to engage members to participate in NUSPS activities, serving as a common platform to unite the five houses, NUSPS subcommittees and special projects. Beyond pharmacy, there are numerous opportunities with external stakeholders for collaboration. Some of which would include students from medicine, nursing and other allied healthcare professions. Furthermore, NUSPS serves to nurture a network with related healthcare professionals and industries.

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NUS Statistic Society

The NUS Statistics Society is committed to foster a community of students passionate about Statistics, Data Science, and Quantitative Finance; to ignite their interests, enhance their technical and industry-relevant skills, and to support students in their academic and career planning endeavours.

The society organises activities such as Workshops, Orientation Camps, Career Talks, Industrial Visits, and also our annual flagship event: the NUS Data Science Competition, striving to bring like-minded peers together and connect students with key industry partners.


NUS Physics Society
NUS Physics Society (PhySoc) is supported by an annually elected student management committee that is devoted to advance the welfare of our members. The outreach of PhySoc includes undergraduates, graduates and staff who have an interest in Physics, some of whom are from various departments, schools and faculties in NUS.

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NUS Chemical Sciences Society
The Chemical Sciences Society (CSS) is a collective managed by an annually elected student executive committee. CSS works closely with NUS Science Club and other academic societies to develop meaningful programmes for Chemistry undergraduates in order to promote a vibrant student life. By organising a wide range of activities, CSS aims to reach out to all Chemistry undergraduates by addressing their different needs and requests, including outreach events targeting younger students with the objective of popularising the study of Chemistry.

CSS strives to meet the academic and welfare needs of their peers, and continue to serve the cohort to their best ability.

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