Halloween’17: You Are IT

Yellow raincoats and red balloons …

On 2nd and 3rd November 2017, everyone in the Faculty of Science had to overcome their fears in order to survive this year’s Halloween event!

Highlighting the theme this year based on the movie “IT”, the Science Club Management Committee members were dressed up in the signature yellow raincoat and holding a red balloon. Did you catch them wandering about the event area?

A plethora of booths including games, photo, food and beverage booths prepared by the various Science Club Sub-committees and academic societies were lined up right outside the Science Students’ Hub for the Halloween celebration this year.

Participants practiced their chopstick skills at SCAMP’s booth, and perfected their aim at RAG’s booth with their DIY mini basketball hoop. Not to forget, COMMUNICATION’s ring toss game and BASH’s Singaporean version of Fight List lessened the terrifying atmosphere as well!

PROJECT ANGEL had a Halloween-themed photo booth with a wide variety of eerie (yet adorable) props, where participants got themselves into the frightening mood starting from a scare-rific photo!

Screaming out of horror requires energy, and hungry participants need not worry as there were food and beverage booths available for them! WELFARE had brownies, BUSINESS had cookies while SPORTS had assorted snacks,

For those who needed a break from screaming in the scorching heat, SCIENCE VOLUNTEER CORPS (SVC) brought them old-school bottled soda, FLAG offered ice popsicles, ALUMNI RELATIONS sold soya beancurds, and SCIENCE ORIENTATION WEEK (SOW) had milo ice creams!

As dusk approached, all the brave participants who chose to enter the escape room prepared by SOW came out alive, but looking pale.

Rumour has it that there was something lurking in the dark corners of S16 Level 4, where the escape room was located. Some participants have even claimed to hear this,

If you come with me, you’ll float too…

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