Old Items Collection (OIC) 1: Yew Tee

Old Items Collection (OIC) is a biannual event organised by the Flag Sub-committee. Through this event, the Flag committee aims to collect unwanted recyclables to sell to the rag-and-bone man in order to raise funds. The proceeds will then be donated to a beneficiary.

This year, OIC 1 was held at Yew Tee and the partnered beneficiary was HCA Hospice Care. HCA Hospice Care helps patients to lead a comfortable life during their final phase of a terminal illness by addressing symptoms and pain. HCA Hospice Care is Singapore’s largest home hospice service provider and they also offer other services such as palliative care for children, and having a Day Hospice Centre.

Before the actual event, the Flag committee organises the OIC Flyer Distribution to inform residents about the details of the event, and to provide them time to prepare their unwanted recyclables for collection on the actual day. With the help of student volunteers from the Faculty of Science, the Flag committee held their OIC 1 Flyer Distribution on 16th December 2017.

Our student volunteers donned their iconic royal blue faculty t-shirt, and went door to door to inform residents staying in the area about how they can contribute to this good cause.

No residents to attend to? No problem! Student volunteers were still able to spread the message to the residents by leaving a flyer at their doorstep.

OIC 1 took place on 23rd December 2017, a week after the flyer distribution. The student volunteers went back to Yew Tee to collect the recyclables from the residents.

The student volunteers went to each and every unit around various blocks to collect recyclables such as newspapers, magazines, books and even clothes.

All the collected items were then sold to the rag-and-bone man. From OIC 1, the Flag committee managed to raise $2848, which was donated to their beneficiary, HCA.

A big thank you to everyone who came down and played a part in this event.

Felt like you have missed the opportunity to give back to the community? Fret not! You can still contribute by taking part in future Old Items Collection (OIC) drives happening in AY17/18 Semester 2. Look out for the volunteer recruitment on our website and social media!

Check out more photos from the two events here:

OIC 1 Flyer Distribution AY2017./2018

OIC 1 AY2017/2018

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