Little MARCHallers

Little Marchallers was held on 17th March 2018. It is an annual event hosted by Science Volunteer Corps (SVC) which is a collaboration between two participating societies - Life Sciences Society (LSS) and Chemical Sciences Society (CSS). The main objective of this event is for the beneficiaries to build interest for science and also to provide a platform for the science community to give back to the society. The beneficiary for the event were the kids from Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA).

A total of 7 children from the YWCA that came to participate were divided into 3 different Mario themed teams; Bowser, Luigi and Yoshi . Each team was required to complete 6 different stations with each station having a science-based mission to accomplish. Some missions include investigating water transportation in plants, understanding viscosity through making a snowman and understanding the effects of gravity. After the completion of the 6 stations, teams were awarded prizes based on their scores obtained from each station. Each participant walked off with a bag full of goodies!

Volunteers having a very important discussion with the children.

Volunteers and children both looking joyous at the event! 

2 volunteers were interviewed to give their personal experience at the event.

Liang Wen (Year 2 Student) - Liang Wen had a memorable time at this event. She also felt it was well organised and the games were very suitable for the children. The game that intrigued her the most was the bomb diffusing game because involved fast thinking and a good foundation in mathematics. Liang Wen enjoys interacting with children and therefore, she felt she had a fulfilling experience at this event. Should there be similar events in the future, she would definitely participate in them as well. 

Ayu - Ayu joined this event to accompany her younger siblings and also to have fun. Although she already had the scientific knowledge that was required during the games, she felt that they were engaging and enjoyable for the children. 

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Little MARCHallers 2018

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