Pageant of the Day

Pageant of the Day (POTD) is an event for all Science students where participants are able to experience how pageantry is like for a day through having their own professional shots taken by Science Bash Sub-committee.

The event was held on 2 separate days at different designated locations, each having their own respective theme. The theme for POTD 2018 is Modern X Country.

The Modern theme photoshoot was held on 25th February 2018, at the CBD area with participants dressing in high street fashion style – confident and stylish.

For the Country theme photoshoot, it was held on 28th February 2018, at the Old Bukit Timah Railway Station. Participants were dressed in denim and checkered, flannel shirts, giving a more rustic feel.

The participants had the choice to sign up for either one of the days, or both days. Solo, couple and group shots were taken and participants are able to keep their photos.

In total for both days, over 100 students attended POTD 2018. Overall, the participants enjoyed the process and had fun interacting with the Science Bash Sub-committee during the entire process of the photoshoot.

Unable to join this event because you were busy revising for your mid-terms? It’s okay! Science Bash Sub-committee will bring to you another POTD next year! Do check out their Facebook and Instagram page for more updates!

Check out more photos from the event here:

POTD 2018: Modern Theme

POTD 2018: Country Theme

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