Science Sports Games

On 24th February 2018, the Sports Sub-committee organised and executed the Science Sports Games 2018 (SSG’18) from 8.30am to 6pm at NUS Sports Recreation Centre.

There were two sessions for SSG’18, namely AM Games and PM Games. In AM Games, participants were engaged in two competitive sports, Frisbee and Captain’s Ball, and one non-competitive sport, Tchoukball. In PM Games, the two competitive sports included Football and Dodgeball, and the non-competitive sport was Volleyball.

The rendezvous point for all participants was at NUS Grandstand. Every participant also received a free goodie bag!

At around 10.30am, as the sky turned grey and a drizzle started to fall, the Sports Committee made a swift decision to change the venue of Captain’s Ball indoors for the safety of all participants!

The participants put in their best effort in playing each game!

Medals were given to the champion, 1st and 2nd runner ups for each game. Congratulations to all winners!

Besides the competitive and non-competitive sports, there were casual games for  participants to enjoy as well! They were Bubble Soccer, Laser Tag and Darts!

Three participants were interviewed to obtain their feedback with regards to SSG’18.

Ng Xi Wen (left of photo, Year 3 Statistics Student) – Xi Wen knew of SSG’18 via email and friends. She felt that SSG’18 was good and she enjoyed herself in playing Captain’s Ball and Football.

Xu Wanwei (right of photo, NUS Museum Staff) – Wanwei knew of this event via email. Her thoughts on SSG’18 were well-organised with a good variety of sports, and she enjoyed herself in playing Captain’s Ball well.

Phuan Mei Hui (Year 3 Chemistry Student) – As a Science student who is not in any Science Club Committee, it was Mei Hui’s first time joining a Science Club event. She got to know of SSG’18 from one of her friends, who is currently a Sports Committee member. Mei Hui participated in Frisbee with her hall mates and she found it fun. She also mentioned that she will join future sports events if there are opportunities for her to do so too!

Felt like you have missed out on this fun time? Look out for more sports events on our website and social media!

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Science Sports Games 2018

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