NUSSU Flag Day 2018

Notice something different on the streets on 6th August 2018? Did you see students wearing a white NEXUS T-Shirt holding tin cans approaching the public for donations? What was going on? The answer was, FLAG Day.

FLAG Day is an event organized by NUSSU FLAG committee that involves all the faculties and halls in NUS, allowing students to give back to the community and promote volunteerism.

This year, Science FLAG worked with Lions Befrienders Service Association (LB) as our beneficiary for this event. Lion Befrienders is a social service organisation which helps to provide care and services to senior citizens, enabling them to enjoy meaningful and enriching lives. Funds raised by Science would directly go to the Lion Befrienders.

The humid weather and the long hours did not hinder our participants from pressing for donations from the public. This year, a total of 375 participants from Science faculty managed to raise a huge amount of $17 471.90. Also, an additional $372 was also raised through our sale of ice creams during the RAG and FLAG Carnival! This sums up to a total close to a whooping $18 000 raised for Lions Befrienders. Well done Science Fac!

Also, not forgetting the hard work from every participant, volunteers received a goodie bag containing delicious snacks as a form of appreciation. Fun fact: Science was one of the few participating bodies that brought their tin cans right up to their respective flagging locations! It was our own way of rewarding the participants for their hard work by making it slightly more convenient for them.

With this, NUS Science FLAG Committee would like to take this opportunity to extend their deepest gratitude to everyone who has helped us out for this event. Thank you for your support and good job everyone!

Meanwhile, we have gathered some interesting views of Science students regarding this event.

Mornish, Chemistry Major Freshman

This is the first time Mornish participated in such an event and he was stationed at Little India Station during FLAG Day. He had decided to join this year’s FLAG Day with his Orientation Group from Science Orientation Week (SOW) as he envisions a good bonding time with his OG mates. Apart from that, he also found meaning in selling flags to help senior citizens from our beneficiaries. To him, the greatest take-away was learning to step out of his own comfort zone when asking for donations.

Bao yi, 2nd Year Chemistry Major 

Both Bao yi and Mornish were from the same SOW OG as seniors. She strongly believes that voluntary work is a good opportunity to give back to society, especially when people do not volunteer whenever they are out of school. She believes that as a flagger it was important to know the purpose of flagging as some members of the public do not even acknowledge her presence, but she and her team (OG) continued to ask for donations.

Gang Yi, Data Science and Analytics Freshman

Gang Yi was stationed around Jurong East MRT station. It was his first time flagging as well, and he too felt that this event is extremely meaningful. He acknowledged that every small effort and every single approach to someone counts. He also felt that this event was more enjoyable when done with friends as he had a great time.

ZhiJia , Statistics Major Graduate and Science Club FLAG sub-committee Member

ZhiJia is a member of the organising committee and was involved in the preparation of this event. She was stationed at Jurong East MRT on the actual day. Her team was involved in preparing the welfare goodie bags, collecting t-shirts, tin cans and distributing them to participants on FLAG day. Apart from the actual day preparations, they had to find sponsors, create publicity, and produce a beneficiary video just for this event. Lots of hard work had been put into planning this event.

When asked about the success of this event, she felt that this event was really successful. There were high turnouts of participants, and lots of donations collected.

“I am definitely proud of all the participants that went out to get donations”

“As a FLAG sub-committee member for the second year running, I have seen great improvements in the facilities of the beneficiaries.”

The donations collected from the previous year from FLAG Day has definitely benefited the senior citizens over there, and she is glad and proud that the Faculty of Science made a difference for our beneficiary.


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