NUS Science Camp 2018

NUS Science Camp 2018, more affectionately known as SCAMP’18, is a Freshmen Orientation Camp planned by SCAMP’18 Sub-Committee.

Being the first camp planned by Science Club, SCAMP aims to help freshmen take their first steps into university life by introducing them to fellow freshmen and seniors from the Faculty of Science.

Through 4D3N of fun and engaging activities, the 192 freshmen and 145 seniors forge friendships and memories that they will take them through their years in university.

Most of the activities took the “SCAMPers” (a term used for the participants) around the Faculty of Science and University Sports Centre.

There are some activities which took place at two out-of-school locations – Fort Canning Park and Palawan Beach, Sentosa as well.

In a nutshell, SCAMP’18 was a wonderful experience for both the SCAMP’18 Sub-Committee and SCAMPers! It has also brought all 337 SCAMPers closer together as #18igFamily (1-Big-Family).

SCAMP’18 has carried on the legacy left behind by the previous SCAMPs. As they always say, “Once a SCAMPer, Always a SCAMPer”.

Chloe Lim (left), a senior who participated in SCAMP’18 said that she wanted to give the freshmen an amazing orientation experience like what she had experienced a year before. She mentioned that she had camp withdrawals as her Orientation Group (OG) was enthusiastic, fun and very inclusive. She also praised that SCAMP’18 was neatly executed, and she thanked SCAMP’18 Sub-Committee for their passion and A+ effort in planning SCAMP’18. One of her most memorable incident was during the second night of SCAMP’18, when she felt heartwarming as she saw her freshmen initiating their own conversations and games during supper.

Eugene Teu (right), a freshman who participated in SCAMP’18 mentioned that he felt excited prior to SCAMP’18 as SCAMP’18 was one of the many camps with good repute. As a participant, he commented that SCAMP’18 was really well run by SCAMP’18 Sub-Committee, and the games and camp plot were very creative. He also credited the Orientation Group Leaders and seniors for being thoughtful and caring, as they ensured that the freshmen’s welfare was well-taken care of. When asked if he will become part of SCAMP’19 next year, he responded confidently with a “yes”!

Check out more photos of SCAMP’18 here:

SCAMP’18 Photos

(Credits: Wei Jie, Dahlia & Darius)

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