Old Items Collection 2 (OIC 2)

Throughout the summer, our beloved Flag Committee conducted the Old Items Collection 2 (OIC 2) event. This biannual event aims to raise funds for their beneficiary, Lions Befrienders. Building on the success of the previous year, and also considering accessibility of the HDB blocks, OIC 2 was held in the Sengkang estates again this year. A total of 185 participants, comprising of both Science students and alumni, took part in the 3 day event!

OIC is conducted in 2 phases: In the first phase, participants distribute flyers to residents 1 week before the collection (23 June) to inform them of collection date, time, and items that we accept. This gives our residents ample time to prepare and pack the items they intend to donate.

The next phase comes a week later (30 June and 1 July), where participants are back again in Sengkang to start with collection. Old newspapers, clothes and many miscellaneous items were being donated by the residents and transported to the recycling company!

The items that were collected were sold to the recycling company, amounting to a total of $4194.60 raised! This amount will be donated in full to Lions Befrienders, enabling them to conduct more activities to give back to our communities.

Last but not least, the Flag Committee would like to thank all participants for their hard work and support! With your involvement, OIC has successfully raised funds for our beneficiaries every year. Do look out for next year’s sign-up dates and join us!

Let’s hear what some of our participants have to say about the event!

Toh Jia Min’s first OIC experience was extremely fun, as she got to spend more time with my SCAMP OG while doing something meaningful! All of them had the opportunity to interact with the community during the process too, which is something I appreciate. The entire event was very well-organised and well-thought out. One household donated toys that all 90s kids would be obsessed over, such as NERF guns, lightsabers, monopoly board game etc. Hence, they took this chance to relive our childhood for a while! They also met a really friendly auntie at the void deck, who enthusiastically invited them to her house to collect the items for her immediately haha!

Lee Jin Xing  was previously a Flag Committee member, and have decided to support the new committee by being a participant. The event was well organised, fast and efficiently carried out. It was heartening to see residents being so supportive, such as offering the participants cold drinks. Another resident even donated a trolley full of newspapers!

Check out more photos from the two events here:

OIC 2 Flyer Distribution AY2017/2018

OIC 2 Collection AY2017/2018

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