Chua Cheng Ling, NUS Science Club President

What do the words “Unity Through Participation” mean to you? This motto has served to define the NUS Students’ Science Club and is the guiding principle to all Student Leaders here in NUS Faculty of Science. Science Club has always been renowned for its “family” culture and can be observed through the strong spirit of support from all of its members during the Inter-Faculty Games to the RAG and Flag Carnival. Ever since joining the Faculty of Science and becoming a part of Science Club, I have experienced a multitude of different experiences and I wish to impart these lasting memories to the rest of the student population as well.

Science Club aims to provide a holistic student life experience for every single Science Student, beyond the academic aspects of university life. My vision for Science Club this year is to provide special and lasting memories in the hearts and minds of every Science Student. To every student, the Faculty of Science can mean something different. It can be a place for one to focus on their academic pursuits or a place where they forge friendships that last a lifetime. What I want for every single Science Student is for them to be able to create these special and lasting memories here in the Faculty of Science be it through Science Club events or otherwise, and hopefully these memories last past graduation as well. Through this vision, we wish to cater to all the students here, in the Faculty of Science, and we hope that they are able to achieve whatever they have set out to do here in university.

What I hope to see in Science Club for the future, is to be able to continue the emphasis on relevance in our initiatives and events, to suit our student population as much as possible. We aim as much as possible to achieve our mission of enhancing the vibrancy, outreach and welfare of our student population. We will also focus on connecting our Student Leaders with the needs of what Science Students want, as well as understanding the sentiments on the ground. We aim to achieve this by setting clear targets and plans to be able to measure our progress in these goals. 

We would like to strongly emphasise that we base who we choose for our recruitments fairly. This means that there is no “type” of Science Student that we are looking out for. If you have the enthusiasm and the heart to serve the Science student body, do look out for these opportunities to become a part of us in our efforts to enhance this journey in the Faculty of Science 

Every student that matriculates into the Faculty of Science is a part of the Science Club. Thus every student in the Faculty of Science is given the opportunity and platform to participate in our initiatives of the various sub-committees. Science Club currently has 13 different sub-committees with different niches that fulfil a different aspect of a Science Students’ journey.

Last but not least, I would like to express our sincerest thanks to our students, alumni, staff, beneficiaries, partners and friends for playing such a critical and contributory role to Science Club’s achievements. Your support has been pivotal in our success and the accolades we have attained would not have been possible without you. Our sincerest appreciation to everyone for supporting NUS Students’ Science Club for the past academic year and we hope that you will continue supporting us in the coming academic year too.