Tan Wei Tao, NUS Science Club President

“Unity Through Participation” – the motto which has defined NUS Students’ Science Club. It has served as a guiding principle, deeply etched into our hearts. From painting the faculty royal blue with our trademark Science Faculty shirt to our strong spirit of support for events such as Inter-Faculty Games and RAG & FLAG, Science Club has become renowned for imbuing the tradition of “family” into our very core. From the moment I entered the Faculty of Science and become a part of Science Club, my life has been filled with a myriad of experiences, and I wish to impart the same sense of belonging to the student population too.

Beyond the academic aspects of university life, Science Club strives to provide a holistic student life experience for every single student. The vision that I have for Science Club this year is titled “Fruitful Science Journey”. To some, Science is where they can achieve their academic pursuits while to others, it is where they forge strong friendships that would last a lifetime. As the name implies, I wish for everyone to have a fruitful journey in their time in Science that does not only last during your time here as an undergraduate, but one that extends beyond graduation. Encompassed within this vision is our wish that any student in Science will be able to find something which will cater to the diverse goals and purposes each of them has set out to accomplish.

Moving forward, Science Club aims to target the continuity and relevance of our initiatives and events to ensure sustainability and suit our student population as much as possible. By setting concrete yardsticks for success, the ultimate goal is to achieve our mission of enhancing the vibrancy, outreach and welfare to our student population.

Every student matriculated in the Faculty of Science is part of Science Club and thus every student in Science is given the opportunity to partake in our initiatives and become part of the various sub-committees. Science Club currently has over 12 Sub-Committees which individually target different aspects and phases of a student’s life, from freshmen to undergraduate and even after graduation as alumni.

We strongly emphasize that there is no fixed mould or criteria that we utilize when it comes to recruitment for our events; that there is no such thing as “the right Science student”. If you have the enthusiasm and the heart to serve the Science student body, do become part of us in our efforts to enhance their journey in Science.

Last but not least, I will like to thank our students, alumni, staff, beneficiaries, partners and friends for playing such a critical and contributory role to Science Club’s achievements. Your support has been pivotal in our success and the accolades we have attained will not have been possible without you. Our sincerest appreciation to everyone for supporting NUS Students’ Science Club for the past academic year and we hope that you will continue supporting us in the coming academic year too.