Science Day 2019

Science Day 2019 – Reigniting the child-like curiosity in you

Science Day is a one-day event held yearly by NUS Faculty of Science. Organised and led by NUS Students’ Science Club, together with various Academic Discipline Coordinating Committees (ADCCs), a fun-filled day of activities is put together for the students to enjoy.

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This year, Science Day was held on the 25th of January and the event was located at the LT27 foyer. It was a full day event, starting at 10 am and ending only at 5 pm. It was targeted at both students and staff of the Faculty and it was estimated that around 400 people participated.

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The aim of Science Day is to build a more vibrant Science community and to foster a stronger Science identity and pride. Students are encouraged to wear their Royal Blue Faculty of Science T-shirt to show their sense of belonging to the Faculty.

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Various activities that catered to the interests of students were organised by various ADCCs and Science Club, with the theme for this year being “Reigniting the child-like curiosity in you”. The event was centred on two key points of being Fun and Engaging and therefore each discipline was represented by a childhood movie with the hopes of evoking childhood memories in participants and thus reigniting the child-like curiosity in them. Using familiar childhood movies was also a key to catching the attention of students and drawing them in to participate.

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Apart from game booths by the various disciplines, there was also welfare in the form of free snacks such as cotton candy, kacang puteh and Potong ice-cream. These not only added to the atmosphere of a carnival, but also remind students of their childhood snacks. This year, another hot favourite was the free photo booth, where students and staffs could take photographs and have them printed out on the spot, serving as excellent keepsakes of their time in Science.

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Other booths and their activities include:

SCMC/Reception Booth: a one-stop booth for students to find out more about the event and exchange for prizes for game booths. Students can also purchase the Faculty of Science T-shirt.

Statistics Society Booth: Tic Tac Toe + True/False, with questions related to statistics

Food Science & Technology (FST) Society Booth: matching Cards

Physics Society Booth: find Frozone’s Supersuit in a picture

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Chemical Science Society Booth: Tic Tac Toe Pong

Life Science Society Booth: memory matching game

Pharmacy Booth: country erasers + five stones

Mathematics Society Booth: game on Rubics cubes

Computer Based Learning Centre (CBLC) Booth: help Remy navigate through the maze and find his friends while avoiding Chef Skinner, in a simple python game coded by CBLC

To end off, NUS Students’ Science Club and the respective ADCCs would like to thank all who attended and took part in the activities, and hope that you had a fun time making memories in the Faculty! 

Let’s hear what some of our participants have to say about the event!

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Isabelle Yew (pictured left), a student in her final semester in Science, attended the event with her friend (pictured right). She found the event really enjoyable and particularly liked the game by FST Society as she and her friend kept failing to match the cards and thus found it hilarious. Being in her final semester, she found this event meaningful as it is one of the last few Science events she can attend before graduation and she hopes to make the most of her time left in the Faculty.

Check out more photos from the events here:

Science Day 2019

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