NUS Science Orientation Week Camp ’18

NUS Science Orientation Week Camp 2018, more commonly known as ‘SOW’, is a Freshmen Orientation Camp planned by SOW’18 Sub-Committee.

Being the official Orientation Week camp of the Faculty of Science, SOW is a 4D3N camp to help freshmen transit into their university lives by introducing them to other freshmen and their faculty seniors, bringing them around the faculty and campus through a series of game segments by the SOW’18 sub-committee.

264 freshmen, with 84 seniors, journey through the mysterious new land of ‘Wonderverse’, where the Wonderers (the campers) compete in friendly competition and non-competitive segments to obtain the magical Relics.

The segments were thought out and planned by the SOW’18 sub-committee to allow freshmen to explore the areas of the faculty, other faculties in the Kent Ridge campus, as well as locations in the Southwestern Singapore.

Not missing out on Beach Day at Palawan Beach, it was drizzling at the start of the segment but the freshmen were still pumped up and ready for the fun day out in the sun!

In a short span of 4D3N, strangers came together and left with great memories and new friends.

Bryan (first row, third from right), the Orientation Group Leader (OGL) of ‘Ancredibles’, was a freshmen of SOW’17. Inspired by his seniors last year, he decided to take up the same role to give the incoming freshmen the same welcome he received. He claimed that even as a senior, the SOW experience is as great as ever.

His freshmen, Henry and Lauren, from the ‘Ancredibles’, thoroughly enjoyed their SOW experience.

Henry (left) receiving a prize from the Marketing team of SOW’18.

A memorable segment for him was Beach Day, where his OG did many crazy-fun games for more Pokkies (the camp currency), with plenty of entertainment amongst his OG mates.

Lauren from ‘Ancredibles’ faced the same dilemma every freshmen entering university: whether to join a camp.

“SOW was my first freshman camp and because I did not know many people in my course or faculty, I was afraid that SOW would be an awkward experience and that it would be difficult to make friends so i was hesitant to join. The games really made making friends easier as most of them required teamwork and communication. I am glad that I managed to click well with my OG, and that I found future study buddies both in, and outside of my major.”

When asked whether they would join SOW again next year, Henry said that Bryan inspired him to do so, while Lauren said that she would like to be able to interact with juniors and be a helpful senior like her’s.

The SOW experience is one that definitely can’t be missed! #TheSOWExperience #sowgr8times #SOW18Wonderverse

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SOW’18 Photos (coming soon)

(Credits: Aff, Musa, Sam, Zi Quan)

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