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The Alumni Relations Sub-committee (ARC) is at its fifth year of establishment and it aims to create a united Science family beyond graduation. Through keeping the Science alumni engaged and updated about the events happening in the Faculty of Science, the ARC aims to be the point of contact for the Science alumni, allowing them to feel connected to Science, bridging the gap and strengthening the relationships between current undergraduates and the Science alumni.

The ARC also maintains a close relationship with the Science alumni via events such as Chinese New Year gatherings and frequent meet-ups. Science Reunion Dinner is an event held annually by the ARC to celebrate the graduation of Science students. This event aims to keep them connected to the Faculty of Science, allowing interactions between the Science students and the Science alumni, thus building a Science family beyond graduation.

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The Business Sub-committee aims foster the spirit of entrepreneurship in the Faculty of Science. Through providing opportunities for Science students to learn and practice to make the perfect pitch to sponsors, planning events that have up-close interaction with established start-up founders, and to experience what it’s like to be an entrepreneur, the Business committee hopes to allow Science students with the interest in business to experience and be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their goals. The Business committee also hopes to serve as a source of support by helping to source for sponsors for Science Club to cater to the welfare of all Sub-committees and Science students.

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The Communications Sub-committee is responsible for the outreach and publicity of Science Club to the Faculty of Science, sharing our experiences and keeping Science students connected through photos and videos taken by the team in the various events. The Communications committee generates the content in the publicity channels, streamlining all publicity efforts of Science Club.


Through publishing content that is engaging and relatable to the Science students, the Communications committee hopes to keep Science students connected through shared experiences in the Faculty of Science. Furthermore, the Communications committee organises an annual Science Faculty Tee Design Competition that allows Science students to showcase their creativity and talent, in hope for Science students to develop interest in design and media.