Valentine’s 2018

Fresh flowers, teddy bears and heart-shaped balloons.

The Faculty of Science celebrated Valentine’s 2018 with a fairy tale theme, “Once Upon A Time” on 13th and 14th February 2018 at LT27 Foyer!

A wide variety of booths were prepared and set up by the various Science Club Sub-committees and academic societies for Valentine’s celebration this year.

Spreading the love with roses and sunflowers by SCAMP, flower cards by BASH, perler bead keychains by RAG, “love in a bottle” by FLAG, and mason jar flowers by LIFE SCIENCES SOCIETY!

Some participants definitely felt hungry after their paktor session. Fret not as there were macarons by WELFARE, brownies by BUSINESS, cream puffs by ALUMNI RELATIONS, coconut puddings by COMMUNICATION, soya beancurd by NUS PHARMACEUTICAL SOCIETY, and chocolates by NUS FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY SOCIETY!

Participants also took photos with their loved ones at SPORT’s Valentine-themed photo booth which was filled with a whole new level of adorable props!

Don’t be sad if you are single and ready to mingle! PROJECT ANGEL got your back by providing you with a Bear-lentine this year! Some participants even spun the Valentine Roulette by SCIENCE VOLUNTEER CORPS (SVC), or got their fortune told at SCIENCE ORIENTATION WEEK (SOW) booth!

In addition, every purchase of an item would grant the participants a chance to guess the amount of sweets and hearts kept inside two separate transparent containers at the special SCIENCE CLUB MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE’s booth!

Participants who enjoyed themselves in this event!

Three participants were interviewed to obtain their feedback with regards to Valentine’s 2018.

Jeremy Pang (left of photo, Year 2 Life Sciences Student) – Jeremy mentioned that this event was a great way to get the Faculty of Science bonded. Although the items sold were a little expensive, he felt that it was worth it to give the items and see his loved ones happy!

Darius Tay (centre of photo, Year 2 Life Sciences Student) – Darius was excited when he heard about this event, especially the photo booth, where he took a lot of photos with different groups of friends. He would like to have such events to take place again in the near future too!

Lim Eu Jin (right of photo, Year 2 Life Sciences Student) – Eu Jin was a food lover, and thus he said that he went straight to those booths which sold food. He also mentioned that the location of LT27 Foyer was perfect as it is a centralised and spacious area to hold such event to attract a significant amount of crowd.

Felt like you missed out this lovely event? It’s okay because Science Club will have many more events waiting for you to join us! Stay tuned!

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Valentine’s 2018

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