Semester 2 Exam Welfare Pack Packing & Distribution

Exam Welfare Pack Packing

On 6th February 2018, about 60 student volunteers helped out in the packing of 2700 exam welfare packs. Each welfare pack was packed with a variety of snacks, stationery and discount vouchers, which would then be distributed to the Science students as a form of motivation for the upcoming final examinations.

This event is proudly organised by the Welfare Sub-committee every semester. They liaised with a plethora of participating sponsors for the items to be put inside the welfare packs, and were the coordinator for the exam welfare pack packing and distribution.

The student volunteers were divided into three different groups – quality control (QC), runners and throwers. The volunteers in charge of doing the QC were tasked to check if the items in each welfare pack were complete and correct.

The runners were tasked to pack the items while the transporters had to bring the completed welfare packs down to the Science Students’ Hub for storage.

The throwers were tasked to place the items into the paper/plastic bags held by the runners when they passed by them.

With a joint effort of everyone, this event was a huge success! Without their effort, Science students would not be able to enjoy these lovely welfare packs!

Exam Welfare Pack Distribution

The Exam Welfare Pack distribution for Faculty of Science took place between 10th April 2018 to 12th April 2018, outside the Science Students’ Hub located at S10.

Science students were required to complete the Exam Welfare Pack Survey AY17/18 Semester 2 online before they collect their welfare packs.

Science students looked elated upon receiving the welfare packs! The only complaint that the Welfare Sub-committee received was that the welfare packs were too heavy! Hehe, this implies that there were a lot of goodies for the students to enjoy while they stress over the preparation for their final examinations!

Unable to help out in the packing or not getting a welfare pack in this semester? Fret not! Stay tuned for details for the next Exam Welfare Pack packing and distribution in AY2018/2019 Semester 1!

Two science students were interviewed to obtain feedback about the welfare pack and distribution.

Jamie (left), a Year 4 Life Sciences undergraduate who is also an ex-member from the Welfare committee, mentioned that Welfare pack distribution is a significant event that motivates students during their final examinations period – a period of tremendous stress for all students. She also hopes that fellow Science students would give a greater appreciation to the Welfare Committee – who are indeed the “unsung heroes” in giving back to the Science community.

Clymene (right), a Year 4 Life Sciences undergraduate, remarked that there were more items this semester especially beverages. Showing his immense support for Welfare Pack Packing, Clymene proudly exclaimed, “Even as an alumni, I would want to come back!”

Check out more photos from this event here:

Exam Welfare Pack Packing AY2017/2018 Semester 2

Exam Welfare Pack Distribution AY2017/2018 Semester 2

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