Joining us in the Science family soon, but not sure about what activities are available for you? Fret not!


To start your journey with us, we have an exciting series of Freshmen Orientation Projects (FOPs) lined up specially for you, freshmen! Do give our projects a follow on their respective social media and stay tuned for more updates on the respective sign-ups!⁣

🏕Science Camp (SCAMP)⁣
4D3N Orientation Camp⁣
Dates: 11th - 14th June⁣
Insta ➡ @nussciencecamp ⁣
FB ➡ NUS Science Camp⁣
Enquiries ➡

🏠Old Items Collection (OIC)⁣
Fundraising Event ⁣ ⁣
Flyer distribution - 22nd June⁣
Collection - 29th & 30th June⁣
Insta ➡ @nusscienceflag ⁣
FB ➡ NUS Science Flag⁣
Enquiries ➡⁣

⛺Science Orientation Week (SOW) ⁣
4D3N Orientation Camp⁣
Dates: 20th to 23rd July⁣
Insta ➡ @nusscienceoweek
FB ➡ SOW - NUS Science Orientation Week⁣
Enquiries ➡⁣

👭Flag Day⁣
Flagging Fundraising Event ⁣
Date: 5th August
Insta ➡ @nusscienceflag ⁣
FB ➡ NUS Science Flag⁣
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🎪Rag and Flag Carnival⁣
Float and Dance Showcase⁣ ⁣
RAG Exposure Day - 17th June⁣
RAG & Flag Carnival - 10th August⁣
Insta ➡ @nussciencerag ⁣
FB ➡ NUS Science RAG⁣
Enquiries ➡⁣

🎟Science Verse (Science Bash) 2019⁣
Annual Pageant Performance
Date: 16th August⁣
Insta ➡ @nussciencebash ⁣
FB ➡ NUS Science Bash⁣
Enquiries ➡⁣

🥇Inter-Faculty Games⁣
Inter-Faculty Sports Competition⁣
Dates: 15th August till September⁣
Insta ➡ @nussciencesports
FB ➡ NUS Science Sports⁣
Enquiries ➡⁣

Let your friends who are matriculating into Science this year know about us too!⁣ You can also follow⁣ on telegram for additional updates!

We look forward to seeing you! ☀