Team Science IFG Flag

Sci IFG Coat of Arms

The head of the lion has been the logo representing Science’s previous generations of sports committees and now, it will be used to represent Team Science.

The sea of royal blue as a base colour represents truth and loyalty, and as Science’s colour, upholding sportsmanship while remembering that they are playing for their home faculty.

The white colour for the design indicates the sincerity that all competitors of Team Science should maintain.

The laurel leaves surrounding the crown represents the team’s resolve for triumph and victory.

The lions around the laurel leaves are looking outwards, heads held high, displaying the team’s strength and honour, in victory or defeat.

Inter-Faculty Games 2019 

Opening Ceremony : 15th August 2019 (Thursday)

IFG Competition Dates : Week 2 - 6 Curriculum Timetable

Closing Ceremony: 19 September 2019 (Thursday)


Can't wait to represent Science to compete with other faculties in Inter-Faculty Games 2019?

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1. I am not skilled in the sport that I want to play in. Do I stand a chance?

Do not worry if you are lacking experience in the particular sport. Just come as we welcome you to join us in our trainings to learn and exchange skills. It's all about having fun!

2. Can I join multiple sports?

Of course, but ensure that competition dates and timings do not clash and you are definitely able to commit to both sides!

3. When will training normally start?

It varies for different sports but it's mainly during the July to August period. Sign up first, and the team captain will get back to you regarding training dates.

For more information, you can:
1. Contact Yah Ru at
2. Follow us on our Facebook page "NUS Science Sports" for more details!