STEPUP! Charity Run-Walk

STEPUP! Charity Run-Walk is a charity run and walk-a-thon which hopes to not only raise funds for our beneficiary: Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) but also to promote the interactions among the Science staff, alumni and students through this meaningful event. This year, in fulfilling the Flag’18 Sub-Committee’s aim to improve the engagement between the event participants and our beneficiary, animals and staff from SPCA was invited to our post event activity. Through this, the Flag’18 Sub-Committee hope that the interaction between the two parties would make volunteering more meaningful for the participants!

The event was held on 27th May 2018, with a total of 120 participants, 36 volunteers, 6 members from SPCA as well as 4 dogs! After being flagged off from UTOWN, the participants ran off towards West Coast Park before heading back to UTOWN, where they were welcomed by dogs and an ice cream vendor! With everyone’s help, we managed to raise a total of $1850 for SPCA!

Chai Kai Hui (left) enjoyed herself during the event. She felt that the event was inclusive to all science students as various NUS students and alumni had taken part in this event. She also appreciated the fact that everyone received a medal upon completing the run.

Joey (second from the left) had a memorable time at the event as she felt that she got the best of both worlds – she was able to enjoy a run with her friends alongside doing a good cause. Despite the initial morning showers, she had a good time at the event and applauded the Flag committee for handling the event well.

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STEP-UP Charity Run-Walk

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