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The various Science Club's Freshmen Orientation Projects include Science Camp, Science Orientation Week, Flag, RAG, and Bash! Through these projects, we aim to give a vibrant and fulfilling start to the University lives of the incoming freshmen. We also use this avenue to welcome the freshmen into the Faculty of Science, a place we call 'home'. Through the different natures of the projects, we aim to let the freshmen embark on a holistic Journey, and we can guarantee that there is something for everyone!

Internal Affairs branch aims to make small steps to a greater Science through planning continuous and relevant activities for the Faculty of Science. In Internals, there are 4 subcommittees, namely Welfare, Sports, Science Volunteer Corps and Project Angel. These 4 subcommittees each targets different aspects of student life and seeks to make life in Science vibrant through the various events organised.

The relations branch aims to connect all of Science together and ensure continuity of relationships built by Science Club, be it within Science or not. The branch consists of Alumni Relations, Communications, and Business, which deals with the various stakeholders of Science Club, from students to sponsors to ensure that we maximise outreach of Science Club.