Freshmen Orientation Projects (FOP)



Freshmen Orientation Project Central Committee (FOPCC) is a Sub-committee of dedicated individuals who come together because of the passion for Freshmen Orientation Projects. The committee aims to be the bridge between all the five FOPs (RAG, SCAMP, SOW, Flag and Bash), because they believe in a cohesive FOP journey for all incoming freshmen. Their mission is One FOP, where they aim to let everyone understand that all five FOPs come together to give a fulfilling first step into their university lives.

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The Receiving and Giving (RAG) Sub-committee aims to show gratitude to the public for their kind donations on Flag Day through a dance performance. The beautiful floats and choreographies are designed and made from scratch by our very own RAG committee. RAG connects with the Science students through Collection Drives and by encouraging all Science students to come and help with the creation of the elaborate floats. This teamwork with all the Science students and Flag committee is then manifested in the final performance to show our sincere appreciation to the public.



Science Camp (SCAMP) is an annual Freshmen Orientation Camp planned by the SCAMP Sub-committee, and is held at the start of summer holidays during mid-June. It is the first in the line-up of FOP that the NUS Students’ Science Club has in its timeline.

SCAMP aims to bring newly matriculated freshmen closer to one another, as well as to their seniors through fun and engaging activities. SCAMP also introduces the freshmen to the Vibrancy of the Science Community, by publicising other FOP such as Flag, RAG, Bash and SOW. Throughout the rest of semester, the freshmen are also encouraged to join other Science Club events with their Orientation Group members and seniors, to relive the orientation spirit, and to keep the friendships alive.



The Science Orientation Week (SOW) Sub-committee plans the annual 4D3N orientation camp. Being one of the biggest freshmen orientation projects in NUS Science, SOW provides a platform for newly matriculated freshmen to transit into university life through creating shared memories and forging strong bonds with freshmen within and across different Science majors. It further allows them to gain insight as to how they could be a part of the various committees and academic societies under Science Club, hoping to develop a strong sense of belonging within the Science community. In addition, the SOW committee will organise Science Orientation Day (SOD), which is open to 200 freshmen who did not get to participate in the camp.



The Science Flag Sub-committee aims to promote the spirit of giving back to the community by providing a platform for Science students to take part in volunteerism. The Flag committee plans and organises Old Items Collection (OIC) in neighbourhood estates around Singapore collecting recyclables, and STEPUP! Charity Run/Walk, where funds raised will be donated to their beneficiaries. The Flag committee also makes monthly trips down to visit their beneficiaries together with RAG committee, where they will interact and play games with the elderly there. Last but not least, the Flag committee also helps to organise and coordinate NUSSU Flag Day, where Science students give back to the community by receiving donations from the public.



Science Bash is an annual pageant organized by the Science Bash Sub-committee. As the last event of a series of FOP, Science Bash marks the conclusion of the FOP experience for the newly matriculated Science students. Science students come together to bond and have fun, where some will support and cheer for their favourite contestants. The titles of Science King and Science Queen will also be crowned.

Science Bash 2018 will place a greater emphasis on Sustainable Fashion as part of its efforts to promote environmental awareness on the impacts of the fashion industry. As such, Science Bash 2018 strives to stand out from the rest of the Bashes with our unique “Eco-fashion” and at the same time, making it a memorable night for our audience.